Michael Brown/Ferguson riots

Honestly, I agree that it looks like the cop was unnecessarily violent towards michael brown, and his killing seems unjust

I still think it’s important to remember that people must be innocent until proven guilty.

The mob mentality is dangerous.

We intent of the justice system is to prevent the mob mentality and cases from being politicized. It is easy to turn cases high-emotion cases such as  this into a tool to sway and divide people.

If Dorian is right, it would be messed up for Officer Wilson to get away with his actions.

If Officer Wilson is right, it would be unjust to punish him for acting in self-defense and attempting to do his job. 

We won’t know the facts of the case until it has gone on trial. Until then, speculation is basically useless and if anything detrimental because it hinders the jury from being truly unbiased. 

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I heard a joke once: Man goes to the doctor. Says he’s depressed, life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world. Doctor says, “treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. “But Doctor” he says, “I am Pagliacci.” Robin Williams (via paintedlions)

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memorable 2 pictures for Marshall Mathers with Proof and Robin Williams.
I want to move as far away from you as I possibly can, then move farther.

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Stanko Abadzic
Whale Shark. Endangered Shark caught by Chinese Fisherman

Doctors in India have extracted 232 teeth from the mouth of a 17-year-old boy in a seven-hour operation. Doctors have described his condition as “very rare” and “a world record”. “Ashik’s malaise was diagnosed as a complex composite odontoma where a single gum forms lots of teeth. It’s a sort of benign tumour,” Dr Dhiware said.

I was beyond excited about this. 

You can tear pages out of your journal,
But torn remnants will remain,
Reminding you of what you’re trying to forget.
You can delete texts from your phone,
But you cannot erase,
Words that you regret.

I’m still a little dazed and lost,
Perhaps numbed by pain,
And although cleaning out my closet hurts,
It could help me live again.

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