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crazycatholickid said: Thank you for doing some actual research and calling the liberal feminists out on their nonsense. You're one of the few.

You’re welcome.

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Public Health is inherently discriminatory. Common sense and basic intelligence dictate that the most effective action in disease control is to quarantine the sick. The sick tend to be the most vulnerable. The most vulnerable tend to be poor, such as people in 3rd world countries. First take the necessary steps to prevent the disease from spreading, such as banning flights from west Africa. Then actively try to elevate the poor and vulnerable, improving public an world health as a whole.

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"Mark", a British carrier dog, is loaded up with drum magazines for a Lewis Gun during training in the UK during World War II.


almost posted this yesterday 2 other ppl posted similar photos yesterday so I am definitely posting this today

Snake anatomy. Brehm’s Tierleben. 1920.
The Original Pharaoh-hates-you all grown up

“After the orders to relocate and detain persons of Japanese ancestry were rescinded, evacuees began returning home, and camps began to close. Here, Shuichi Yamamoto, the last evacuee to leave the Granada Relocation Center, in Amache, Colorado, says “Goodbye” to Project Director James G. Lindley, as the War Relocation Authority camp is officially closed October 15, 1945. Mr. Yamamoto, 65 years of age, was returning to his former home in Marysville, California.”
(National Archives)

None of you should be proud you’re all goddamn collectivists.